Tuesday, 21 January 2014

TBS Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil

We all have grown up listening to our mommies , dadis and aunties raving about benefits of applying coconut hair oil and the gruesome consequences of lack of the same. I always hated the smell and the whole process.  And since I have got oily straight silky hair , the necessity of applying hair oil never dawned on me. But good sense finally prevailed and my tryst with hair oil has quite improved over the years. Though I have experimented with quite a number of hair oils, the hard work required to entirely wash it off my hair and still the greasiness left behind has always put me off.I tried TBS with the similar prejudiced thoughts.

 My first trial of Rainforest coconut oil was with the free sachet provided by the TBS people and lack of any other hair oil at my place. N believe it or not the single sachet was enough to make me buy the whole bottle the very next day. Yes it is that convincing. 
 Rainforest coconut oil comes in transparent brown coloured cylindrical shade bottle with a flip cap . The 200 ml bottle comes for Rs. 645/-. 

The hair oil consist of coconut oil (of course) and organic Amazonian pracaxi oil.Pracaxi is the name of a tree found in Amazon and it's seed oil is use for the treatment of skin spots, severe acne marks , hydrate and promote cellular renewals and is also use as a powerful antiseptic in hospitals. Some of the hair related benefits of Pracaxi oil are

  • Promotes conditioning to the hair
  • Promotes smooth feel to the hair
  • Increases hair brightness


On application, oil feels very light on the hair and is easily absorbed . I normally apply hair oil for overnight and this one does not leave any greasy stains on the pillow covers. It has the characteristic coconut oil smell but in a sweet fragrance way. The one that doesn't give u a nausea. However the true test of any hair oil is during the hair wash. This one easily comes out in twice a wash and oh my hair feels so soft and shiny after that. The smell of oil doesn't linger and absolutely no greasiness is left behind. U actually feel like running your fingers through your hair on quite a lot basis. On continuous use, I have seen a significant improvement in the texture of my hair. With such remarkable qualities it's a fab purchase. 

Its my HG hair care product . And I would recommend a definite purchase.

So what hair oil you use on a daily basis and whether anyone could make it to your HG list?
 Also I am a fan of Fabbag and they have started rolling it out from today. The day I receive it I would surely do my review on it. Till then,


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