Sunday, 12 October 2014

Review of The Cuckoo's Calling

Hey Everyone

I am sure by now everyone must be knowing that The Cuckoo's Calling was actually written by J.K Rowling under pseudo name Robert Galbraith. This is Rowling's second book after Harry Potter Series. First one was The Casual Vacancy which received a mix response from the critics and the public. With The Cuckoo's Calling, Rowling has ventured into the detective fiction and I must say has shown a lot of calibre in writing about the same.

The novel introduces new detective to the world by name of Cormoran Strike who is a homeless practically jobless guy, has recently broken with his fiancée , is under huge debt and though being an ex army man is widely out of shape. He is not sharp suited or sharp featured like other detectives earlier portrayed but has a method of his own for finding our the clues and reaching the conclusion. While his financial and romantic life are falling into pieces, a supermodel Lula Landry dies in a mysterious way by falling from the balcony of her house which after a log of investigation is ruled out as suicide by the police and a new temp secretary - Robin enters Stike's office. Lula's brother is convinced that his sister was actually murdered and hence approached Strike to find out the real murderer. 

The story is based on busy London streets. It has all the ingredients of a crime novel - too many characters and each one wierd in their own way, uncooperative police cops , hidden clues and  more then one suspect. However regarding the quality  of crime detective novel, it is a little predictable and somehow I had a feeling that climax was reached abruptly. I wish she had built more on the misgivings of the finl culprit. 

The writing style conforms with the Rowling's one. It's strange that she thought of publishing the same under pseudo name. A detailed explanation of the characters and surroundings so as to paint a mental picture, it's so Rowling. But its a fresh deviation from the Harry potter series. The mix of clues and characters makes it a interesting read. 

I love the way she has built on the character of Coroman Stike -dark brooding from the start , he evolves into a smart detective and though raised in a humble modesty dosen't hitch from making ties in the world of celebrities and supermodels. Coming to Robin, she has been introduced as a secretary of Strike and has a funny side to her. Her character is built on very sweetly but intelligently and chemistry between  her and Strike is amazing. She contributes in her own way on the Lula Landry's investigation case . I really wish she had been given more weightage in the book. The little tidbits have been provided on Robin's and Strike's personal life and I have a feeling that the same will be touch more in detail in the subsequent books. 

Overall I feel , it's a must read for all the Rowling's fan. It's intriguing, engrossing and trust me you would not like to leave the book in between. Since Rowling has come out with another book in the series - Silkworm, I will soon be laying my hands on it. 

My rating :4.5/5

So have you guys read The Cuckoo's calling ? Which is your favourite crime detective novel ? Would love to hear all about it. Till then,