Saturday, 19 July 2014

Maybelline Colorshow Glittermania - Pink Champagne

Hey everyone,

Maybelline recently launched Colorshow Glittermania range in 8 beautiful shades. I have already reviewed Red Carpet from this range. Link Here.

Today I will be reviewing another shade from this range which is the most talked about Glittermania Shade -The Pink Champagne. 

Pink Champagne is a soft shade and looks like a pink pastel color with loads of silver glitter. The shade looks very elegant on the nails. The texture just like the red carpet is sand grained matte texture and glitters spread evenly on the nails . However the glitters are more pronounced in this particular shade though they were quite subtle in Red Carpet. I liked the subtle one. 

 The shade is on a sheer side as compared to its peer shades and may not come well againt the dark skin tone . Two coats gives the full coverage of the color on the nails and being Maybelline,the shade dries super quick. I have been wearing this shade for a full week now and noticed minor chipping at the tips of the index finger after 3-4 days. But may be that is because of the rough usage of my nails since I keep on using them to scrap to the bottom of my handbag for things I don't easily find. 

Overall Pink Champagne is an elegant pretty girly color and will look fabulous on the flowing white dresses and  fine dinning parties . Its a chic shade , very soft but may not compliment well the pigmented skin tones.

For Rs. 125/- and such a super quality, Maybelline shades always have a upper edge on all the nail paints shades available. Btw glitter shades from Maybelline are super easy to remove by using any regular nailpaint remover. 

I know most of you by now would have tried many shades from Maybelline Glittermania range. So did u like the Pink Champagne ? Which is your favourite shade from this range? Would love to hear all about it. 

Till then, 


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Trip to Maldives

Hey everyone,

I recently celebrated my 1st Marriage Anniversary and my sweetest betterhalf gave me the awesomst anniv gift-a trip to Maldives. I am still all smiles.

These days my blog , fellow blogger blogs and my travelling escapades are the only things which motivates me to go on with bouncy steps further in the life.

Maldives is like a picture postcard place and that too without photoshop. It is as real as it looks in its promotional pictures. It is the most beautiful place I have visited so far. The water is clear crystal blue which changes its colors to black and green depending on the depth of the ocean. And you can actually see the fishes from the shore. Maldives is meant for relaxation and rejuvenation -it is peaceful, it is serene , it is exquisite. One can actually spend hours gazing towards the waves-and that is all you are surrounded with.

We planned our Maldives trip with Flight Shop at the end of May,14 . Our earlier trip to Bali was also arranged by Flight shop and I must say that both the times they did a great job with arangements. Their packages are really nice and can be customised suiting your needs and convenience.

At Maldives, each resort  is an island in itself and transportation  between different islands is quite expensive. Therefore the better part of the trip is spent on the resort itself. Hence it very important to choose a right resorts and a right package suiting your requirements. We took an All inclusive package for 3 nights 4 days at Club Med Kani which inlcuded our Stay arrangements, all the food arrangements (Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner, drinks and snacks throughout the day ) and some of the activities including Surfing, Kayaking and Snorkling. All inclusive package differs from resort to resort.At Maldives, food is very expensive since every thing is imported . Hence it makes sense to opt for All inclusive package over there as is takes care of all your needs and you can simply spent your time lazing around the place.

Club med is a French corporation of vacation resorts with a presence over more then 100 worldwide destinations and are found mostly in exotic locations. They are very popular in Europe and South Asia mainly for their entertainment program all day round for their guests and their amazing night parties. Though Maldives is the preferred destination for lazing around and relaxation, your activities gets limited to your resort. And though looking for a place for rejuvation , we also wanted some fun element in our trip. When Flight Shop people suggested Club Med Kani and we checked up on the tripadvisor, the  reviews were rave and everyone has applauded them for their courteous staff and their entertainment program. So we decided to go for it.

 We were booked in Sri Lankan Airlines . We took a flight from Mumbai to Colomo (around 3 hours journey ) and changed flights in Colombo (1hour halt) for the direct Maldives airport (around 2 hour jouney). Sri Lankan airlines reminded me of cash strapped Air India airlines with sadly no TV and no music facility. But since it was a short journey, it was quite bearable. 

The temperature in Maldives remains more or less same throughout the year . A bit hot with windy sunny weather. However towards  June, rain starts and wet weather remains till September. So it is advisable to avoid visiting Maldives during this period otherwise you may miss out on all the water based activities. 

At Maldives, Water Bunglows are very popular for stay . There are  lavish cottages with a kitchen and a inside bar built on the wood plank in the middle of the ocean. Each cottage has  downside stairs to directly slip into the ocean. They are very serene, very peaceful, very romantic and very costly. Most of the resorts in Maldives have the option of either staying in Water Bunglows or go for a normal beach bunglow and so did Club Med Kani. Since we were not looking for a luxurious trip, we chose beach bunglow for our stay with the bedroom window directly facing the ocean. It was very beautiful, very comfortable however a low on luxury. We also had the chance to see their Water Bunglows; they were quite lavish, but I would suggest that if you plan to opt for a water Bunglow, there are many other good options as well in Maldives. 

Regarding the food spread I would give perfect 10 rating to Club Med since their food spread was just amazing . Though it was mainly influenced by French and South Asian cuisine (since they constitute major part of guest list in Club Med) and vegetarian options were limited (I am a pure vegetarian trying to become a eggatarian); the chefs were accommodating enough to cook special vegetarian meals for their vegetarian guests. Can u believe, I actually had dal palak, planner and mix veg over there and it was quite good in taste. And their desert section was just out of this world. Their All inclusive package also had snacks and drinks all through the day and all through the night and  the way we stuffed ourselves, I am pretty we both must have accumulated lot of holiday fat. 

Apart from its beautiful beaches, Maldives is a heaven for swimmers. It offers one of the best snorkelling and diving experiences. Unfortunately me and my husband being non swimmers could not experience the magic of the underwater world. But based on my interaction with othe people over there, its a must experience sport in Maldives. 

During our stay we also took couple Balinese spa at the resort itself. It was not a part of our package and was freakingly expensive. But then I was really in the need of one and so we went ahead and splurged. Though I had taken the similar massage in Bali also, I found this one ironically better in Maldives. And I was feeling so relaxed and so shiny after it. 

 Whenever on a vacation I strongly  believe in shopping for my abode . Male is the only commercial place in Maldives and the only one to shop from. While departing our flight was in the late eve hours. We checked early from our resort after depositing our luggage at airport, took a ferry from airport to Male . It was hardly a 5-10 mins ride. Maldives is very famous for mango wood and tortoise shape souvenirs. But remember to bargain a lot since everyone quotes double the price. \

Overall I had a awesome time in Maldives and would like to tell all my fellow readers that it's a experience everyone should have once in their lifetime. 

Our package booked from Flight Shop was Rs. 70000/- per person. Plus visa is on arrival and free for Indian citizens. 

Here are some of my pics from my trip to Maldives and stay at Club Med Kani
                                                         View from the flight. Isn't it amazing

That's the scenery our room balcony opened to. Yup there was a beach in front of our room.

                                                                  Picture postcard

                                                   A long way to walk on the beach

                                         Grand Entrance to Club Med Kani

                                                             Motto of the vacation- Just Chill

                                                                             Lush greenery

                                                                    Water Bunglows

                                                                 Tantrums the sky play above

                                                                      Pool on a beach

Isn't the place beautiful.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

ColorBar I-Glide pencil in Cocoa Bar

Hey everyone,

We all know what importance kohl places in our lives. The day I started wearing the kohl, I have never able to step of my house without wearing one. Rather if I don't wear it, I always get comments on how unwell I am looking :D. Well since primitive times, I have always used a black kohl and somehow was always shy of trying other colors. 

I bought ColorBar I Glide pencil In Cocoa brown shade for filling my eyebrows. However even after several tries, I was no good with using a pencil for filling my eyebrows plus the shade was a tad darker on me. And I was feeling ready bad for wasting it. So I thought of trying the same  as an eyeliner and eventually as a kohl. And believe me the first swipe over my lower waterline and I was sold to the brown color magic. 

Well guys the sad part is that while writing this post, I lost my eye pencil someplace . I didn't had the heart to delete the draft and therefore I I will be posting this review with the images taken from the net and without my personal swatches. 

                                   1.1 gm available for Rs. 499/-

ColorBar launched these pencils in 13 different shades to spoil their customers for choices. I mean I have never seen such a wide range of colored eye pencils. And they are available in almost every color you may or may not imagine. I bought the one in Cocoa Bar.

What does ColorBar says about the product 

Defines like a pencil and glides like liquid eyeliner. This efforlessly easy to use I Glide Eye Pencil with its smooth formulation, gives your eyes rich colour in a single stroke and blends in easily after application.Last longer then 8 hours, does not feather or bleed. 

My take on the product 

The ColorBar I Glide eye pencil is a silver based eye pencil with the colored  tip at the end  same as the color of the pencil  for the easy identification . The cap is also silver based , slightly slanted with adequate tight fitting. The pencil is sturdy and travel friendly. 

Cocoa bar is a dark brown color eye pencil with black undertones and a creamy texture. The color is spectacular and look ravishing on the eyes. I more like using it as a kohl. It's a very warm color and gives the eyes a very natural warm look and it comes out so well on the waterline.  The pencil glides like a dream. There is zero effort in applying it ,absolutely no tugging no pulling. The color pay off is amazing. The staying power as ColorBar claims is easily for around 6-7 hours after which the color fades leaving a light brown stain which gives the hint of light kohl . The pencil is smudge free and can be easily removed with makeup remover.

The only disappointing factor is that the pencil needs to be sharpened very frequently. Being a creamy texture, the  sharpened lid is lost on my eyes in a single application and therefore I have to sharpen it after each application. It is tiresome and leads to the quick disposal of the product. If use on a daily basis, the pencil may last you a month and with higher usage may last you even less then a month. That's disappointing considering the price of the product. 

But still I m in love with this kohl. It's has the most beautiful warm brown color and the smoothest lid. I am surely going to give ColorBar a visit to purchase my another cocoa bar pencil. However this time I would like to get my hands on their other  I Glide Pencils since the color looks so tempting. 

So have you tried ColorBar I glide eye pencil yet? Which is your favourite eye pencil in brown color? Would love to hear all about it. Till then,