Saturday, 19 July 2014

Maybelline Colorshow Glittermania - Pink Champagne

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Maybelline recently launched Colorshow Glittermania range in 8 beautiful shades. I have already reviewed Red Carpet from this range. Link Here.

Today I will be reviewing another shade from this range which is the most talked about Glittermania Shade -The Pink Champagne. 

Pink Champagne is a soft shade and looks like a pink pastel color with loads of silver glitter. The shade looks very elegant on the nails. The texture just like the red carpet is sand grained matte texture and glitters spread evenly on the nails . However the glitters are more pronounced in this particular shade though they were quite subtle in Red Carpet. I liked the subtle one. 

 The shade is on a sheer side as compared to its peer shades and may not come well againt the dark skin tone . Two coats gives the full coverage of the color on the nails and being Maybelline,the shade dries super quick. I have been wearing this shade for a full week now and noticed minor chipping at the tips of the index finger after 3-4 days. But may be that is because of the rough usage of my nails since I keep on using them to scrap to the bottom of my handbag for things I don't easily find. 

Overall Pink Champagne is an elegant pretty girly color and will look fabulous on the flowing white dresses and  fine dinning parties . Its a chic shade , very soft but may not compliment well the pigmented skin tones.

For Rs. 125/- and such a super quality, Maybelline shades always have a upper edge on all the nail paints shades available. Btw glitter shades from Maybelline are super easy to remove by using any regular nailpaint remover. 

I know most of you by now would have tried many shades from Maybelline Glittermania range. So did u like the Pink Champagne ? Which is your favourite shade from this range? Would love to hear all about it. 

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  1. This color looks going to try this out :)


  2. Omg I need this. Is it in the US?
    I've also done posts on Maybelline. I think they're makeup is fantabulous <3