Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Back to the Roots with Superbottoms

I am very sure that one advise all of us get even before the baby is born to keep the babies in nappies for as long as possible and keep the usage of disposable diapers at minimal.

And though off us try real hard to keep the soft bums of our little ones encased in the cotton/muslin nappies , disposable diapers always find their way due to cold weather, already too much stress in handling the baby and plain cloth nappies  add to the chores , outside ventures, interrupted sleeps  and sometimes plain laziness in changing the nappies over and again.

Well for the initial months I tried to keep Vanya diligently in the cloth nappies and use disposable diapers during the night time. And though I was getting aware of the cloth diapers, I just couldn’t find enough time and muster enough courage to try on the same as I always thought that understanding their functionality and laundering process is very tedious.

However at that time I had started getting active on Instagram and I started reading a lot about the mums giving a way to cloth diapers and their reasons started motivating me, inspiring me. And I think in May,17, I ordered my first Super bottoms. And believe me after my first tryst with the brand, I became a fan.

And therefore , through this post, I plan to give you a little layman background about superbottoms and my reasons of using it

Superbottoms is India’s first CPSIA (The consumer product safety improvement product) certified tested cloth diaper brand.  Started by an Indian Mompreneur, Pallavi Utagi , the brand was formulated as a result of finding a solution for the diaper rash frequented by her baby boy.

The cloth diapers have following parts :

cloth diapers online india
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Superbottoms are available in three variants :

Cover Diapers : They consist of a waterproof outer cover and has a hollow inside where soaker needs to be placed with the help of snap buttons . The major advantage of cover diapers are that when the baby pees or poops and only the soaker has been spoiled , the soaker can be easily replace with another soaker or even with any homemade cloth  and the outer cover can be used again with another soaker . This way the outer cover can be used for hours .

Reusable diaper reviews

The Superbottoms cover diapers come with the Microfibre soakers which have a dry feel layer on the top of them to keep the bums of the baby dry and rash free. Further their 4 size option would guarantee their usage till the time baby becomes of the age to be potty trained.
In my experience they are good for 3-4 hours .

Newborn Diapers : They are made for newborns till they reach the weight limit of 7kg. These diapers are adjustable and can be sized with the help of snaps available on the diaper . Newborn diapers are mostly available in the form of cover diapers so that sosjers can be changed without changing  the outer cover .

Superbottoms Plus All in One ( AIO) for heavy absorbency :
These diapers comes with a waterproof outer cover , an attached soaker and a additional soaked to be placed below the attached soaker. This double soaker action guarantees a wet free night for the babies and is the answer to the usage of disposable diapers during the night .

In my experience they actually last the whole night .

Laundering :

It's very easy peasy. Whenever you first receive the cloth diapers , machine wash or hand wash them two to three times with any normal detergent powder . However do not Use Dettol as it acts as an additive and may stuck to the cloth diapers .
After each use , you can machine / hand wash them like any regular clothes. In case of pooped diapers , flush the poop and then machine/hand them like any other cloth nappies.

My reasons behind my addiction to Superbottoms :
  1. I feel so happy and safe whenever I put them on that my baby is not jn a disposable one and she is kinda safe from all the chemicals and rashes .
  2. They are very comfortable to wear . This is purely on a guess basis because my daughter has never shown a slightest trace of discomfort in them .
  3. I am doing my bit to the environment .
  4. I am saving a lot in disposable and other alternatives I kept on buying .
  5. They come in so many variety and colours and each one of them is an instant love . Superbottoms launch a new design every month and its awakes droolworthy
  6. My baby bums looks so cute in it . Plus with such vibrant colours , pairing them with her clothes has become a new hobby.
  7. They are totally leak proof against the urine and poop . I never had to change a bed sheet with them on .
  8. Once you get a hang on their maintenance and sizing part , they are very easy to use . Plus Superbottoms has an amazing support group where they sort out all your queries in a very quick manner
  9.  Due to sizing options , they can be used for years.
  10. They are washable diapers and believe me once you get the hang of it, laundering is really easy

I hope with this post I am able to motivate atleast few of you to make a better choice and switch to cloth diapering

Superbottoms can be purchased over here Here

And to know more about the Superbottoms , do visit their page on Instagram and Youtube

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Thursday, 30 November 2017

My Skincare Routine with The Ancient Beauty Products

Hi guys,

Today I am going to talk about my skincare routine and the brand which has become a essential part of my day to day care.

Recently I received a Gift Pack from Brand-The Ancient Beauty . The Brand Ancient Beauty and the range is inspired by the age-old ancient beauty cultures of the world globally & is created from edible ingredients. All products are 100% natural, Eco-friendly & do not contain any artificial colours,chemicals or preservatives.

The brand is inspired by the learning of Ayurveda  and consist of the ingredients which are edible and when applied on the skin are absorbed by the body. All the ingredients used in the making of The Ancient Beauty products are nutritionally edible herbs and oils and absolutely toxin free. 

I was literally floored by the concept behind this range and was super excited to try the Gift Pack. 
The Gift pack consist of 6 different products in a  glass bottles gorgeously packed in a wooden tray infused with potpourri with such an aromatic fragrance that my cupboard where this pack is kept smells divine. Their Gift pack surely makes for an amazing gift idea to your mum, sister, wife  or your girlfriend.The only con side being the glass bottles you need to be super careful with the packaging as it makes the pack fragile. However the team behind The Ancient Beauty had packed the package with a lot of safety guards and it was delivered without any mess. 

The Gift Pack consist of the following products with detailed instructions on their usage:

1: The Ancient Japanese Scrub - This is a morning scrub and a great exfoliator . It consist of Rice Bran, Rice, flour , essential oils and Japanese Herbs . It can be mixed with water or honey for extra moisturization. It is a multi-purpose scrub which can also be used as a face pack that not just exfoliates but also nourishes skin with good oils and minerals and heals the skin.

2. The Ancient Face Wash - Made from Japanese Beans Bran, Beans powder , essential oils , herbs and other natural ingredients  , this face wash can be mixed with water , honey, or coconut oil  for extra moisturization. This facewash can either be used for immediate use  or as a face pack for 7-10 minutes. 

3. The Ancient Fairness - Its a face pack made from split green gram, split red lentil, essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs. It can be used with water or milk. It contains natural citric elements that helps in fading the blemishes with regular use. With regular usage, you will find a new radiance in your skin.

4. The Ancient Dew - This is a deep skin moisturizing face pack and is a boon for skin with blemishes and fine lines. Its a skin nourisher made of Black split gram, essential oils, spices and other natural ingredients.   It works amazingly well with cucumber juice or papaya juice. It can also be used with a coconut or olive oil for extra moisturisation. 

5. The Ancient Illuminator - This face pack stimulates the blood circulation and rejuvenated and illuminates the dull skin . Made up of Wheat Germ, What Bran and Ayurvedic spices, It contains certain stimulating herbs and spices that enhances  the blood circulation under skin's surface due to which the radiance appears from within.

6. The Ancient Satin Body Scrub - This is my favorite product out of the lot. It has ingredients which will invigorate your senses and salivate your taste buds. Made up of brown sugar, cinnamon, coffee beans, cocoa powder and other natural herbs , it can be used effectively in the place of body shower or body soap.  This actually makes my skin feel like satin.  

I have been using this gift pack for over a month now religiously following all the instructions for the usage. and can safely say that i have evidently noticed a new found glow in my skin. My face has started feeling extra soft and supple and even the pigmentation on my skin has reduced a bit. Since all the products are made up of 100% natural ingredients, there are almost nil chance of experiencing any side effects and though i have a extra sensitive skin, none of the products have resulted in break outs.

This  Gift Pack that costs Rs 1800 and contains products in smaller quantities. If anyone is interested in buying individual products, the pack sizes & cost varies.


Saturday, 25 November 2017

MamaEarth Bamboo Based Baby Wipes

Hey guys

So whenever we talk about baby essentials , baby wipes tops our list . But while buying them , our checklist mostly includes them to be alcohol free , parabens free and sometimes fragrance free .
But like diapers , do we ever realise that they degrade our environment as much as the disposable diapers . And though we have moved to the cloth diapering big time , have we ever thought of moving towards organic diapers .
Well we haven't because we never came across such product . But wonderful and ever innovative people of Mamaearth have now come up with Asia's first organic bamboo based wipes which are certified safe .

Background of Baby wipes

Well let's cover a little about what goes into making baby wipes . 

Baby wipes are made from Non-woven fabrics. The Non-woven fabrics are made through a process where a single sheet of materials is pressed and formed from a mass of separate fibres such as cotton and rayon as well as plastic resins like polyester , polyethylene and polypropylene. These wipes are then saturated with gentle cleansing ingredients .
Since the base material in most of the wipes consist of polyester , it makes them a environmental hazard and further polyester is made up of harmful chemicals including carcinogens which is very harmful for the skin ( If you google more on the effects of polyester , you will be scared to death).

Why Bamboo based wipes are better alternative 

Cellulose fibre made from bamboo is a bio based material and very soft in texture . They are 100% biodegradable making them environment friendly 

Why Mamaearth Bamboo based wipes

Mamaearth Organic bamboo based wipes are made from 100% organic bamboo and enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera , Shea butter and Almond oil . Since they are made up of all natural items and are hypoallergenic , the likeliness of them causing rashes to the baby skin is almost zero .
I have finished the whole packet of their wipes and did not experience any side effects .
Further since they are unbleached and does not contain any chemical solutions for moisturisation , they can be safely used on the private parts , hands and even on the mouth of the baby .
The packaging is durable and the packet comes with a protective lid which helps in keeping the wipes moisturised even after the seal has been opened.
I loved the texture of the wipes . Unlike other wipes , they are thick enough and does not tear and soft enough to feel like a Muslin cloth against the baby's skin.

However the one thing I  think can be improved is the level of moisturisation and wetness . I found them less moist and at times difficult to wipe the sticky things off the skin.

Nonetheless the benefits of bamboo based origin surpass quite many things and I can safely say that these wipes will now become constant in our household for many years 
So have you guys tried Mamaearth Wipes yet ? How was your experience with it and which baby wipes are you goto product . Would love to hear all about it in the comments below .

Till then,


Thursday, 26 October 2017

Be Safe

Hey guys,

Today I want to introduce you to two wonderful products that have become staple in my household.
With so many infections and germs lurking around the corner, hand sanitization has become very important these days. And when you are outside it’s not possible to carry a dettol wash with you everywhere. Therefore hand sanitizers have become as important as carrying your wallet and keys around. But unfortunately most of the hand sanitizers available in the market are alcohol based and a strict no  with the little kids who most of the time has zero sense of keeping their hands clean.

Therefore Redcliff Hygiene P Ltd has come up with Palmsafe which is an alcohol free foam based hand sanitizer. It kills 99.99% of the germs and being alcohol free, can be used for little kids as well. It comes in a handy packaging and is reasonably priced. It has a mild fragrance and is readily available Here and Here

The second product which I want to talk about has become as important as first aid kids in the house. Yes, it a mosquito repellent. Over the past few months there has been a sudden rise in the mosquito borne diseases and names like Dengu, Malaria and Chikungunaya sent shivers down the spine. Therefore it has become very important to wear a mosquito repellent when outside. However most of the repellents available in the market are sticky, foul smelling and not at all advisable for the little kids . Redcliff Hygiene P Ltd has come up with Moskito Safe which is a 100% natural mosquito repellent spray. It contains Neem and Cintronella oil and does not leave nay stain on clothes. It’s quite effective against the mosquitoes and other insects and being 100% natural has a least risk of using on the little ones. Reasonably priced, it readily available Here and Here

 So have you tried these products yet. How was your experience with it 

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Be safe with Pee Safe

I am sure this must have happened to most of us .

We are outside, we want to pee but the sight of the public toilets make us want to run home requiring Herculean efforts to stop our urinary bladder from bursting. 

Redcliffe Hygiene p Ltd has therefore come up with revolutionary product - Pee safe . This small wonder will def keep your fear of using public toilets at bay.

So basically Peesafe is a Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray – quite a revolutionary product and has become the world’s largest selling Toilet seat Sanitizer in a short span of time. In India where larger part of the people still do not practice hygienic etiquettes when it comes to using public toilets ,  Urinary Tract infection is a major health concern for women. Believe me ,one of my friend contracted it though she is very fearful of using public toilets. And with small daughters around, you would definitely not like them to use the public toilets but then it is very difficult  to make them resort to alternative methods.

 Encased in a cylindrical packaging, it is easy to carry and use. It’s a aerosol spray and dries within 10-15 sec of the spray. It instantly kills the germs thereby allowing you to pee in a safe environment without resorting to a squat position or worse holding your bladder for infinity.
This is going to become a must have product in my hand bag- something I don’t leave my house without. And with my daughter growing up – this will be a life saviour when she will of the age to use the public toilets.

I would highly recommend this product as with Peesafe now you can actually Pee Safe. Its readily available at Amazon , Flipkart, SafetyKart and other top selling e-commerce websites. Plus it’s quite reasonable too thereby putting less pressure on your pocket and safeguarding your health. Have you tried Peesafe yet? What do you do if you have to use  public toilets?

Would love to know in comments. Till then,


Saturday, 7 October 2017

Tips for healthy pregnancy

Well I really and really miss my pregnancy days . All the pampering , undivided attention and most of all my cute bump and the feeling of a life growing inside it .
Fortunately I had quite a easy breezy pregnancy and even a easy breezy delivery.
I would like to share some of my wisdom with the expecting  mom's with the hope that it may prove beneficial to them :

  1. Some of you may have a super nausea in the first trimester . I had and I was vomiting throughout the first 4 months . Don't worry , you cannot do about it . Just survive with this too shall pass . Alternatively you can find something which helps you in keeping nausea at bay . For me chat masala was a wonder magic . And meds like Ondem helps too ( But please consult your gynec before taking any meds)
  2. Please and please always consult your gynec before taking any meds even a mild one like ENO or Pudin Hara
  3. Be updated on all the upcoming tests done during pregnancy . For the first 7 months your gynec might call you once a month if everything is smooth . Be diligent in your gynec visits and do get all the tests done suggested by your gynec
  4. Please and please do take all your Folic , calcium and iron tablets as prescribed without missing a beat
  5. From 3rd trimester onwards , baby starts taking iron from your body which leads to depletion in Iron and rise  is sugar . Be cautious about having diet rich in iron throughout your pregnancy as often women in their 3rd trimester need to get supplemental iron shots due to low hemoglobin
  6. Never and never compromise on your exercise routine . Walk as much as much as you can and be as active as you can even in the 40th week of your pregnancy . Believe me walking is the key to relatively easy labour
  7. Avoid stress and avoid people who give you stress . Make yourself your first priority at your workplace and your home . You are pregnant , it's your rite to get all the preferences , if people don't understand that , don't fret , simply give yourself all the preferences .
  8. Once you enter your third trimester , avoid travelling through bumpy roads . If cannot , take a cushion for the extra support
  9. Invest in loose fitting and front open maternity clothes . They will come handy in the last trimester and will be super comfortable while feeding the baby
  10. Give a read on the painless delivery and other type of birth methods so as to make a conscious and quick decision on the D day 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Review of Revlon Photoready foundation in Medium Beige

Hey gurlies

How you all have been and how was your Diwali. Mine was awesome and I was on a long long vacation. Well that is the only reason I have for my absence.

Now I am back and with a review of one of my staple foundation for years - Revlon Photoready Foundation. It's available for Rs. 850 for 30 ml. Though it has been launched worldwide in 12 shades, it has been launched in India in 4 shades suiting more to Indian skin tone. The one which I will be reviewing today is Medium Beige - the shade suiting medium to fair skin tones. 

What does Revlon says about the Product

For poreless, airbrushed skin in any light, you need Revlon Photoready makeup. Photo chromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flow. Our complete, yet undetectable coverage results in a stunning finish. 

My take on the product

 Revlon Photoready foundation comes in a standard foundation packaging and since the bottle is made of glass, it needs to be handle carefully. In my foundation , the black cap on the top is loose and keeps opening in my bag so better be careful with that too. However nozzle on the top does not let the product spill and makes it convenient and  hygienic to use . Plus with the narrow opening one can easily control the amount of the product they need for application. 

The foremost thing you will love about this foundation is the coverage. It provides medium to heavy coverage and one can easily skip concealer after its application. It provides even tone to the skin and very effectively covers all the blemishes and scar points. The texture is neither too runny nor too thick and belnds smoothly  to the skin . However immediate after the application, your face may look shimmery but after few minutes the reflective shimmery particles will absorb giving your face a dewy luminous look . There is absolutely no whitish cast left behind nor it makes your face look cakey.The foundation is perfect for night parties but may look a little extra for daily wear or casual look usage. 

The reflective shimmer particles are the reason for the glowy  photographs and thus the name Photoready. Plus the foundation comes with SPF 20.

Do remember to hydrate your skin well otherwise foundation leaves dry patches on the face. Plus on oily skin or in the high temperatures, it may make your face look shiner then usual. I have a combination skin and therefore I have to hydrate my skin well enough before its application. However, I never faced the greasy shiny issue with this foundation barring the instances when temperatures were really high. 

The another amazing thing about the foundation is the longevity it gives on your wear time. I get the foundations on for straight 7-8 hours and not for once I have to fix it up. So it's a boon for this who need to spend those long long hours looking perfect and doesn't want to go through the harrisment of frequent touch ups. 

                                          Before                                            After

In the photos you can clearly observe that Revlon Photoready foundation lightens the skin, smoothens it and hide the flaws providing uniform shine to the skin. 

 I have been using Revlon Photoready foundation for quite some time and has not face any issue with the product. Price wise its reasonable . It's applicability is perfect for both the beginners and pros. It says on for long long hours and does not get greasy or patchy even after hours. The only issue in my case is not so sturdy packaging and the dry patches it's provide if my skin is not hydrated well enough. But then isn't this the issue with every foundation. Overall I am really happy with the product . 

My rating : 4.5/5

So have you gals tried Revlon Photoready Foundation ? How was your experience with it ? Which is your staple foundation?  Would love to hear all about it.

Till then,