Thursday, 20 November 2014

Review of Revlon Photoready foundation in Medium Beige

Hey gurlies

How you all have been and how was your Diwali. Mine was awesome and I was on a long long vacation. Well that is the only reason I have for my absence.

Now I am back and with a review of one of my staple foundation for years - Revlon Photoready Foundation. It's available for Rs. 850 for 30 ml. Though it has been launched worldwide in 12 shades, it has been launched in India in 4 shades suiting more to Indian skin tone. The one which I will be reviewing today is Medium Beige - the shade suiting medium to fair skin tones. 

What does Revlon says about the Product

For poreless, airbrushed skin in any light, you need Revlon Photoready makeup. Photo chromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flow. Our complete, yet undetectable coverage results in a stunning finish. 

My take on the product

 Revlon Photoready foundation comes in a standard foundation packaging and since the bottle is made of glass, it needs to be handle carefully. In my foundation , the black cap on the top is loose and keeps opening in my bag so better be careful with that too. However nozzle on the top does not let the product spill and makes it convenient and  hygienic to use . Plus with the narrow opening one can easily control the amount of the product they need for application. 

The foremost thing you will love about this foundation is the coverage. It provides medium to heavy coverage and one can easily skip concealer after its application. It provides even tone to the skin and very effectively covers all the blemishes and scar points. The texture is neither too runny nor too thick and belnds smoothly  to the skin . However immediate after the application, your face may look shimmery but after few minutes the reflective shimmery particles will absorb giving your face a dewy luminous look . There is absolutely no whitish cast left behind nor it makes your face look cakey.The foundation is perfect for night parties but may look a little extra for daily wear or casual look usage. 

The reflective shimmer particles are the reason for the glowy  photographs and thus the name Photoready. Plus the foundation comes with SPF 20.

Do remember to hydrate your skin well otherwise foundation leaves dry patches on the face. Plus on oily skin or in the high temperatures, it may make your face look shiner then usual. I have a combination skin and therefore I have to hydrate my skin well enough before its application. However, I never faced the greasy shiny issue with this foundation barring the instances when temperatures were really high. 

The another amazing thing about the foundation is the longevity it gives on your wear time. I get the foundations on for straight 7-8 hours and not for once I have to fix it up. So it's a boon for this who need to spend those long long hours looking perfect and doesn't want to go through the harrisment of frequent touch ups. 

                                          Before                                            After

In the photos you can clearly observe that Revlon Photoready foundation lightens the skin, smoothens it and hide the flaws providing uniform shine to the skin. 

 I have been using Revlon Photoready foundation for quite some time and has not face any issue with the product. Price wise its reasonable . It's applicability is perfect for both the beginners and pros. It says on for long long hours and does not get greasy or patchy even after hours. The only issue in my case is not so sturdy packaging and the dry patches it's provide if my skin is not hydrated well enough. But then isn't this the issue with every foundation. Overall I am really happy with the product . 

My rating : 4.5/5

So have you gals tried Revlon Photoready Foundation ? How was your experience with it ? Which is your staple foundation?  Would love to hear all about it.

Till then,


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Review of The Cuckoo's Calling

Hey Everyone

I am sure by now everyone must be knowing that The Cuckoo's Calling was actually written by J.K Rowling under pseudo name Robert Galbraith. This is Rowling's second book after Harry Potter Series. First one was The Casual Vacancy which received a mix response from the critics and the public. With The Cuckoo's Calling, Rowling has ventured into the detective fiction and I must say has shown a lot of calibre in writing about the same.

The novel introduces new detective to the world by name of Cormoran Strike who is a homeless practically jobless guy, has recently broken with his fiancĂ©e , is under huge debt and though being an ex army man is widely out of shape. He is not sharp suited or sharp featured like other detectives earlier portrayed but has a method of his own for finding our the clues and reaching the conclusion. While his financial and romantic life are falling into pieces, a supermodel Lula Landry dies in a mysterious way by falling from the balcony of her house which after a log of investigation is ruled out as suicide by the police and a new temp secretary - Robin enters Stike's office. Lula's brother is convinced that his sister was actually murdered and hence approached Strike to find out the real murderer. 

The story is based on busy London streets. It has all the ingredients of a crime novel - too many characters and each one wierd in their own way, uncooperative police cops , hidden clues and  more then one suspect. However regarding the quality  of crime detective novel, it is a little predictable and somehow I had a feeling that climax was reached abruptly. I wish she had built more on the misgivings of the finl culprit. 

The writing style conforms with the Rowling's one. It's strange that she thought of publishing the same under pseudo name. A detailed explanation of the characters and surroundings so as to paint a mental picture, it's so Rowling. But its a fresh deviation from the Harry potter series. The mix of clues and characters makes it a interesting read. 

I love the way she has built on the character of Coroman Stike -dark brooding from the start , he evolves into a smart detective and though raised in a humble modesty dosen't hitch from making ties in the world of celebrities and supermodels. Coming to Robin, she has been introduced as a secretary of Strike and has a funny side to her. Her character is built on very sweetly but intelligently and chemistry between  her and Strike is amazing. She contributes in her own way on the Lula Landry's investigation case . I really wish she had been given more weightage in the book. The little tidbits have been provided on Robin's and Strike's personal life and I have a feeling that the same will be touch more in detail in the subsequent books. 

Overall I feel , it's a must read for all the Rowling's fan. It's intriguing, engrossing and trust me you would not like to leave the book in between. Since Rowling has come out with another book in the series - Silkworm, I will soon be laying my hands on it. 

My rating :4.5/5

So have you guys read The Cuckoo's calling ? Which is your favourite crime detective novel ? Would love to hear all about it. Till then, 


Thursday, 25 September 2014

NYX Advance Salon formula Nail Polish in English Rose

Hey everyone,

Today I will be reviewing my first NYX product on this blog - NYX Advance Salon formula nail polish in English Rose.

I am a big fan of nailpaints and my makeup shopping list always include hoarding on the nailpaints. Plus I love to try different brands. The only hiccup is that somehow I cannot bring myself to buy anything new apart from reds, pinks and oranges . Sometimes I choose nude or metallic colors too, but still there is a while lot of variety out there to choose and hoard :P.

This time I tried NYX . This is the first time I bought their Nail paint otherwise all I have heard about NYX is their famous blushes and eye makeup range. NYX has 144 colors in their Advance Salon Formula nailpaint range. 144 !!!! Can u believe that . How can one possibly make a choice in such a huge variety of color range. I mean you are spoilt for choices. And that's what love and absolutely adore about NYX everytime. Unlimited choices for everything. In my case I bought the first shade on display at . The shade is English Rose and of course a one belonging to a pink family.

What does NYX says about the product 

One coat of this pro favourite polish is all it takes to transform your hands from ho-hum to haute stuff. With so many brilliant, on trend colors and 10 nail treatments, out salon formula system makes it easy to get sexy, salon quality manis and pedis without ever leaving home

My take on the product 

The nailpaint comes in a square shape transparent glass bottle with little tapering at the end and little detailing on the top of the black cap which makes it quite stylish and diffemt from the standard packaging of the nailpaints. The packaging is cool, trendy and travel friendly. The brush is wide and fanned and gives a smooth streak free  application.

The English Rose color is a bright pink color and looks really nice . It brightens the nails and gives a glossy finish . The two strokes and you are done with the opaque finish of the bright pink color. However though the formula on initial application is quite salon like , the glossiness fades after 8-10 hours and you are left with the matte color on the nails. The staying power is at par with the average range i.e. the color stays on for 2-3 days without chipping . These nailpaints are available for Rs. 350/- on Nykaa ,Amazon and other Online sites in India and for $4. 00 in other places. I could see them selling at discount at $ 3.50 on CherryCulture and other online sites. Price wise they are nothing compared to Maybelline but in the same range as compared to all other brands. 

The plus Side of the NYX Advance Salon Formula range is the astonishing variety of 144 colors where you can pick absolutely any shade you can think of and any shade you are not getting in any other brand . The downside is the early fading of glossy sheen. Otherwise I found the formula reasonably good. 

My rating for the product : 4/5

So have you guys tried Nail paints from NYX. Which is your favorite nailpaint brand ? Would love to hear all about it. Till then,


Monday, 15 September 2014

Avon Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in Pink Watermelon

Hey all the beautiful ones,

I love Lip glosses anytime more then the Lipsticks and lip balms and lip tints. Rather on all the latter ones, I prefer applying a coat of lip gloss since the glosses always give the lips that extra oomph factor.

Today I will be reviewing one of my favourite lip gloss in pink shade - Avon Ultra Glazewear in Pink Watermelon.

Avon has launched these shades in 48 variants but sadly in India they are not available online anywhere (maybe 1 or 2 shade here or there ) . It seems that Avon products could only be bought through their representatives. On can contact their representatives through this link Click Here. These lip glosses are available in India at Rs. 469/- and outside at $8.

The shade which I am going to review through this post is Pink Watermelon.

What does Avon says about the product 

Glazewear Lip Gloss is now better then ever ! With 23 new brilliant color - true colors in 3 fabulous finishes , designed for every skin tone , you're bound to find the one for you ! With true color technology , the rich color you see is the same color you get on your lips. Glide on a burst of brilliant shine , drenched in rich color. Lip nourishing formula moisturises  for an ultrasoft feel. 

My take on the product 

I got Avon Ultra Glazewear lip glosses in two shades - Pink Watermelon and Rich Raspberry. I bought these ones in the blog sale held by Shalini on her blog I will be reviewing the shade pink watermelon today. 

The shades comes in a sleek transparent packaging ( typical lip glossish types) with a black cap. The transparent packaging makes it convineient to identify the shade. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. 

The gloss when swatch looks like a bright pink but on application has a sheer texture and a natural pink color. And though  it's shimmery , the shimmer particles just makes the shade glossier and dosent look OTT. The shade is lovely and really brightens the face. The gloss comes with a doe applicator which makes it apply evenly on the lips and gives a perfect pout to the lips. The texture is amazing and it gives such a nice shine to the lips. Though sheer , I am of the opinion that it may bring out the color even on the pigmented lips. Plus it can be easily combined with any of the pink color lipstick or lip balm. 

The gloss is not sticky and stays for 3-4 hours . However though it may survive light snacks , it definitely washes after having a full meal. 

The only downside I could see with this product is its difficult availability as one has to order it through Avon representatives and it's not available anywhere online ( atleast I couldn't find it ).

Overall I love this gloss for it's color , texture and glossy shimmer particles. It's my favourite in the pink category. I have also got Rich Raspberry in this range which is a sexy red shade. Will be reviewing it soon.

This is how it looks on me in person. For the look, I am just wearing Buorjois CC cream ( shade 34 Bronze) and Chambor Dazzle Transferproof smooth eye pencil in black. 

My rating for this product is: 4.5/5

So have you tried any of the glosses from this range ? Which is your favourite Avon product ? Plus if you know any alternative method of purchasing Avon products , do tell me . 

Till then , 

Loads of love

Friday, 29 August 2014

Beauty UK Eye shadow Palette Review

Hey Girlies

How are you all. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all. I just love Mumbai during this time of festival. Though traffic wise its a nightmare but the idols of Ganeshji and the spirit in people makes you forget this glitches and motivate you to plainly enjoy the atmosphere. 

The other day  I was going through my vanity kit and took out my everyday wear eyeshadow palette -Beauty uk Eyeshadow collection in Naked  variant and hence  decided to dedicate my next post to it.

Those who don't know about this particular brand, Beauty uk eyeshadow is the UK based brand which produces colorful cosmetics at affordable range ( Note : affordable in terms of UK Pounds :P).

Beauty uk sell these eyeshadow palettes in 7 variants each palette consisting of 10 eyeshadow colors. I received there eyeshadow palette in my Fabbag few months back in variant Naked. 

The condition of the palette is little rough due to everyday use. 

What does Beauty uk cosmetics says about its eyeshadow palette 

Make your statement with our best selling eyeshadow palettes - as featured in Vogue. With collection combining beautiful brights to subtle shimmers these palettes are a beauty uk fan must have. 

My take on the product 

I first received the beauty uk eyeshadow palette through Fabbag in variant Naked. The palette consist of 10  eyeshadow colors -4 shimmers , 6 matte and all in earthy shades. The palette comes in a mirror box type transparent packaging with a horizontal mirror and a brush. Mirror can be convenient to  use for product application and touch ups. Packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. 

 The palette is lightly pigmented  and hence though the color payoff is not that great , they can be easily use for everyday office wear , for light makeup, by beginners and some of the light shades can even be use as concealers and darker shades as brow fillers. The darker shades can be use for creating subtle smokey eyes and the sole silverish one makes for a very good highlighter. 

I love all the four shimmery shades. They do not fall out and gives a subtle shine to the eyes.

The matte shades are less pigmented and hence less visible. However they make for a good base eye makeup. The light browns can be also use as concealers while the dark brown ones can be use as brow fillers 

 These palettes are available online in India at Rs. 649 and Rs. 513 at Jabong and Fabbag respectively. For others they are available online at Amazon at Rs. 3.99 pounds. These palettes are available in 7 shade range , other ranges mainly constraint of more bold colors. Thus the range provides variety of choices at an affordable price. 

The eyeshadows do not fall on application and spreads evenly. However the stay power is a little issue as they do not stay for a longer time and can be easily smudged hence necessitating frequent touch ups. 

Overall I really like the palette and it has been quite useful for me at times when I require to wear the natural look or subtle makeup. Though the palette is lightly pigmented it can be really useful for those who do not want to always carry bold eye makeup look. Plus price is very reasonable. In my opinion it's good worth for the money. 

My rating : 4.5/5.00

So have you tried Beauty uk eyeshadow palette or any other beauty uk cosmetics ? How had been your experience with them ? Would love to hear all about it. Till then,

Bye bye. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede - shade 085 Trendsetter

Hey everyone,

I recently bought a lipstick from  Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede . The collection was launched last year in 20 beautiful shades. I bought a shade -Trendsetter (085) from this collection.

2.55 gm available for Rs. 715/- . Revlon recently hiked its prices from Rs. 650 to Rs. 715/-.

What does Revlon says about the product 

  • One step , ultra comfortable wear with all-day color
  • Dries to be a beautiful suede finish
  • Instantly moisturising using a combination of Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Aloe
  • Apply evenly for full, creamy color coverage. Lips feel smooth, conditioned and comfortable
  • Does not feather or bleed. 

My take on the product 
The Trendsetter shade (085) from Revlon Colorstay Utlimate Suede collection is a lovely rich raspberry color which indeed feels very lightweight on the lips. The lipstick comes in a transparent packaging with the transparent plastic cap . Packaging is of a good quality , sturdy and travel friendly. 

The color remains untouched even after 4-5 hours and does not feather or bleed. The texture is creamy, light weight and mattified however in my opinion does not moisturize the lips. The color is rich raspberry which looks very lovely on the face and with some clear top gloss is perfect for the night look. The lipstick glides smoothly on the lips. But the one thing I didn't like about is that it cannot be used directly on the lips as the tapered top of the lipstick does not hug the lips well and you are always left with some mismatch shape which need to be corrected  later. The only way to wear it perfectly is to apply it using a brush and a lip liner. 

The color indeed stays for a long long time on your lips without being faded or stained. It does not dry out the lips but may look chapped on the dry lips since the creaminess of the lipstick is lost after few minutes. It easily survives the light snack and the color stays even after a full meal. Therefore it is perfect for the girls who have longer durations to survive without any access to touchups or finishing. 

I don't understand why Revlon comes out with such pricey products. When launched, the lipstick was priced at Rs. 650/- which was anyway on the expensive side and now they have increase the prices to Rs. 715/- a piece which is tad much for owing more from this collection. But then for the girlies who are always packed with the hectic schedules, it's a really good lipstick. And the shades are really lovely.

The Trendsetter shade is the beautiful raspberry shade and will flatter all the skin tones. The lipstick remains for a good period of time and feels very lightweight on the lips. However the texture may not suit the dry chapped lips as the moisturizing content is low. Its on a pricey side but a worth buy for its beautiful shades and long stay. 

My rating on this product : 4/5

So have you tried any of the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipstick shade ? Which is your favourite Revlon product ? Would love to hear all about it. 

Till then, 


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Loreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Gloss -Bella

"Lipstick cant solve all problems, but its a pretty good start"

Hey everyone,

Don't you all agree with me on this quote. Well I pretty believe in it. A good lip color can immediately brighten your mood and so does a chocolate pastry :P
But sometime good lip colors are really hard to find and especially the ones which may flatter all skin tones.
 When Loreal lauched their Paris Shine Caresse lip gloss range in the beginning of this year, the entire collection was met with warmth and rave reviews. The collection was launched in 8 brilliant shades with equally brilliant names. I mean if a lip gloss is called Bella, Juliette or Venus it immediatley paints a mental picture of something very feminine,  very beautiful. 

Ofcourse I was sold to the craze and bought for myself the most talked about shade in this range "Bella"

What does Loreal Paris says about the product

Now hydration and shine meet lasting, lightweight color. With shine caresse, discover a lip gloss that doubles up as a lip stain. This next generation lip color combines the texture and shine of a gloss with the long wear ability of a stain. It delivers a lasting color with a subtle glossy shine.

My take on the product 

Loreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip gloss in shade Bella comes in a beautiful golden packaging with a small transparent band in between to give you a subtle hint on the color of the shade. I found the packaging very classy very rich. Its sturdy, compact and can be easily carried around.

 The applicator of the lip gloss is petal shaped which hugs the lip perfectly and gives the right amount of gloss on your lips. The tip of the applicator can be used as a lip liner while the wider part can be used for for filling the color on the lips. I am in love with this applicator. Every time it gives a perfect pout to my lips. 

Bella shade is a warm Rosey peachy color. However on first swipe it's very sheer on the lips but the color deepens after a minute or two on reacting with the heat of the skin. The shade will flatter all the skin tones . The texture is watery and amazingly has less stickiness property. I love the glosses which do not make my hair stick to my mouth. It  is less transferable as compared to other lip glosses and has a good staying power. The glossiness stays easily for around 4-5 hours after which it leaves a lovely pinkish stain behind. The stain remins for another 2-3 hours. The gloss survives the light snack however not the full meal. Though the stain remins even after having a full meal. 

The only downside that being a sheer texture it may not show up on the pigmented lips. But then the other darker shades like Juliette can be given a try for the pigmented lips. 

Overall it's a lovely color and looks beautiful on the face. It immediately brightens the look and can be easily worn for the everyday use. I wear it to my office on a day to day basis and always gets ton of compliments on this shade. This is my favourite everyday use lip gloss. 

Being a sheer texture, it may bring out dryness of the lips. Do remember to hydrate your lips before applying the gloss. 

So have you tried any of the Loreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Gloss range? Which is your favourite Loreal Paris product? Would love to hear all about it. Till then,