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Review of Revlon Photoready foundation in Medium Beige

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How you all have been and how was your Diwali. Mine was awesome and I was on a long long vacation. Well that is the only reason I have for my absence.

Now I am back and with a review of one of my staple foundation for years - Revlon Photoready Foundation. It's available for Rs. 850 for 30 ml. Though it has been launched worldwide in 12 shades, it has been launched in India in 4 shades suiting more to Indian skin tone. The one which I will be reviewing today is Medium Beige - the shade suiting medium to fair skin tones. 

What does Revlon says about the Product

For poreless, airbrushed skin in any light, you need Revlon Photoready makeup. Photo chromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flow. Our complete, yet undetectable coverage results in a stunning finish. 

My take on the product

 Revlon Photoready foundation comes in a standard foundation packaging and since the bottle is made of glass, it needs to be handle carefully. In my foundation , the black cap on the top is loose and keeps opening in my bag so better be careful with that too. However nozzle on the top does not let the product spill and makes it convenient and  hygienic to use . Plus with the narrow opening one can easily control the amount of the product they need for application. 

The foremost thing you will love about this foundation is the coverage. It provides medium to heavy coverage and one can easily skip concealer after its application. It provides even tone to the skin and very effectively covers all the blemishes and scar points. The texture is neither too runny nor too thick and belnds smoothly  to the skin . However immediate after the application, your face may look shimmery but after few minutes the reflective shimmery particles will absorb giving your face a dewy luminous look . There is absolutely no whitish cast left behind nor it makes your face look cakey.The foundation is perfect for night parties but may look a little extra for daily wear or casual look usage. 

The reflective shimmer particles are the reason for the glowy  photographs and thus the name Photoready. Plus the foundation comes with SPF 20.

Do remember to hydrate your skin well otherwise foundation leaves dry patches on the face. Plus on oily skin or in the high temperatures, it may make your face look shiner then usual. I have a combination skin and therefore I have to hydrate my skin well enough before its application. However, I never faced the greasy shiny issue with this foundation barring the instances when temperatures were really high. 

The another amazing thing about the foundation is the longevity it gives on your wear time. I get the foundations on for straight 7-8 hours and not for once I have to fix it up. So it's a boon for this who need to spend those long long hours looking perfect and doesn't want to go through the harrisment of frequent touch ups. 

                                          Before                                            After

In the photos you can clearly observe that Revlon Photoready foundation lightens the skin, smoothens it and hide the flaws providing uniform shine to the skin. 

 I have been using Revlon Photoready foundation for quite some time and has not face any issue with the product. Price wise its reasonable . It's applicability is perfect for both the beginners and pros. It says on for long long hours and does not get greasy or patchy even after hours. The only issue in my case is not so sturdy packaging and the dry patches it's provide if my skin is not hydrated well enough. But then isn't this the issue with every foundation. Overall I am really happy with the product . 

My rating : 4.5/5

So have you gals tried Revlon Photoready Foundation ? How was your experience with it ? Which is your staple foundation?  Would love to hear all about it.

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