Sunday, 26 January 2014

Book review of Those Pricey Thakur Girls

Those Pricey Thakur girls by Anuja Chauhan was on my reading list for quite a while. The book got my attention while browsing through crossword primarily due to its catchy name. The name sounded entertainment, mystery and a good humour. N though I am  always skeptical in picking up the fiction book written by these sudden flock of Indian writers , I somehow was attracted to this one. N believe me, it didn't disappoint me. The book is a laugh riot , my hubby couldn't understand why I was giggling continuously and it is so beautifully written that I managed to finished it in 2 days.

The story revolves around Judge , his wife and his five beautiful daughters who have been named alphabetically . The obsession with symmetry in alphabets gives rise to number of comical incidents in Judge's family. All the characters have been described in an epigrammatic style such that they easily forms  an image in your mind and with the flow of the book you are able to relate your sentiments with each of them.
Though there are many entertaining characters in the book , Chachiji -Judge's sister in law is the knee-slapper. Her ridiculous totkas and wacky curses have you in splits and though you may feel guilty in rejoicing her misery, she is impossible to sympathise with.

Then there is Debjani -lover of losers and Dylan Singh Shekhawat-the one with the great butt. They are the main protagonist of the novel. Their love story is the typical Bollywood masala- Rough Casanova falling head over heals for a simple girl ,but  Anuja's writing has infused freshness in the repeatedly told story . The over interference of their families makes it insanely funny.  And after finishing the novel, I had a crush on this Dylan character. But the love drama only forms the background  of the novel and the story mainly focus on the Delhi's culture during 80's and country's situation after Indira Gandhi's assassination. The references made to Campa Cola and Doordharsan as the prime T.V channel is surely going to both delight  and make people nostalgic belonging to that era. 

Sometimes the novelist begins with a great story , built quite many intricacies and introduce various characters to engage the readers , then gets lost in their own web of complexities and finally ends the book with the mediocre climax. The mediocre climax is always very disappointing and unsatisfy the reader. Thankfully Anuja was able to tide over the situation. As I said earlier , all the characters in the book are  aptly described and have their own significance in the plot and though some are written just to add humour, it is a very well written humour. The happy ending is blended with the mix of comedy and you leave the book yearning for the sequel (thankfully she is coming with one). 

Overall it was a well read for me and will definitely make it to my list of good reads of 2014. I have read that Zoya factor has been Anuja's best work and I am eagerly looking forward to lay my hands on it.

Have u read pricey Thakur girls yet. Did u like it . What book you have manged to read in Jan 2014? I would love to hear all about it. Till then, 

Au Revoir

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