Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist -Coral Rush

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Today I am going to review one of the much promoted nailpaints  by Lakme in the range  of Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Paints. These gel stylist nailpaints were launched by Lakme last year in 8 shades with a price range of 400/-each.

The one I picked up is in the shade of Coral Rush.

                              Rs. 400/- for 3.6 g

Lakme describes 

Super shiny and plumpy nails in one stroke.it delivers rich colour for high coverage for gel nails with a professional finish. 

Key features:

Professional finish gel nails
Hi coverage 
Rich color
Recommended by Lakme makeup experts

My take on the nailpaint 

Lakme absolute gel nailpaint  comes in a big bottle which reminds you of the O.P.I nailpaint packaging. I like it. Lakme claims it to provide a gel finish like texture with a superior gloss and shine for weeks. However I think the claims this time have been exaggerated. Though the shine and gloss of the nailpaint is a notch higher then the ordinary regular naipaints, I didn't find any resemble to actual gel like finish manicure. 

Lakme has launched it in 8 shades and all the shades are really beautiful . The brush of the nailpaint is the most positive factor. It's a big brush which is very convenient to use and covers the nail area very well. Hence in a swipe u get a good coverage . 2 swipes gives the opaque shade and as a I said the shine and gloss is a notch higher , but then there is nothing super glossy about it. Other good nail paints when applied with a top coat may give a similar glossy finish. Rather after 3-4 days, shine fades and it look likes any other nailpaint. That is the point where their justification for such a high price fails. 

The nailpaint takes as much time to dry as any other regular nailpaints (In this parameter , I love Maybelline Colorshow nailpaints -they dry super quick). You have to take care of your nailpaint  for atleast a hour or you may find the impression marks on it. However, another good thing about these naipaints are that on application they don't leave any bubble marks and the swipe is completely opaque without any rocky surface. 

About the chip resistance, it behaves like a regular nailpaint and after 2 days there was a tip break on my index finger. 

Overall Lakme Absolute Gel stylist though launch in beautiful colors are slightly better then regular nail paints and do not justify their claims of being super glossy and giving a gel like manicure. They are very   smooth to apply but then this was the only distinct factor I could notice about them . Moreover their price at Rs. 400/- each is the biggest deterrent factor when the other brands are everyday coming out with nailpaints innovations in the half price range. I don't think I am going to pick up any more in this variant. 

My rating for it is :3/5

So have you tried any of the Lakme Absolute Gel  Stylist nailpaint? How was your Experience ? What are you wearing on your nails rite now? Would love to hear all about it.

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  1. Nice color and agreed that its highly exaggerated as per performance

  2. Very detailed review Shrishti.. Very genuine one too.. 400 rupees for 3 days is not worth it.. I dont mind spending 400 bucks but we do expect good quality for that.. Lakme has increased all product prices but the quality???? V have to find out..!!!