Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lakme Absolute Bi-phased Makeup Remover

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Today I am going to review the makeup remover I am currently using -Lakme Bi-Phased Makeup remover.

What do we need the makeup remover

Well most of us instead of using a makeup remover believes in getting rid of the makeup by washing it with face wash. Well, my dear girls face wash do not remove the makeup entirely from the face and sleeping with even a little amount of makeup on your face can clog the pores and make your skin irritable. Therefore it is very necessary to first remove the entire the makeup with makeup remover and then follow your CTM regime. 

Well I was searching for a good makeup remover , when I came across Lakme Absolute Biphased makeup remover.  At that time 60 ml was available for Rs. 201/- which is quite reasonable and affordable. Now Lakme has slightly increase the price to Rs. 225 for 60 ml. 

What does Lakme say about the product 

One product, two functions- Lakme Absolute Bi-phased makeup remover is the unique formulation where the oil phase lifts off makeup while the water phase refreshes and conditions skin without leaving any stickiness. It effortlessly removes all traces of makeup from the face , leaving the skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

My take on the product 

Lakme Absolute Bi-phased makeup remover is my second tested makeup remover and I am using it for months. It comes in a transparent blue coloured plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and a tight cap. Packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. The transparent bottle makes it easy to figure out the quantity of product left in the bottle . Since it's a Bi-phased remover, one can easily see the demarcation of oil and water in the bottle. Pump dispenser is very good and helps in controlling the usage of product. The remover has a moisturizing fragnance. 

I spray the liquid on the cotton swab and then use the swab to remove the makeup . However it may also be used by directly spraying it on the face and then cleaning with the cotton. About its functioning  part, it effectively removes the makeup foundation, concealer, blush and all other face makeup products . It's even effective in removing the entire lip and eye makeup except the eye liner  This is the the area where it falters. It do fades the liner but after lots of swipes and a little extra effort. Somehow till now I have not been able to find a makeup remover which completely removes the eye liner with little effort and less swipes.

 I require two cotton swabs (both sides) to remove my entire makeup. 

Though the Bi-phased formulation consist of both oil and water , it doesn't leave any trace of greasiness on the face and the spray on the skin is more in the water form. However as a practice I always wash my face with a face wash after using the makeup remover so as to remove any last traces of makeup or dirt on my face. 

Overall I love this product. Except my eye liner, it removes the  makeup very effectively , dosent sting, quantity last for a long long time and is the best one in the budget price range. 

My rating for the product :4.5/5

So have you tried Lakme Absolute Bi phased makeup remover ? How was your experience with it ? Which makeup remover you are using at present ? Would love to hear all about it.

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