Sunday, 23 March 2014

Poora London Thumak ja

Hello everyone,

Did u all watched recently released Queen. If not, do go and watch. It's a must see . After watching this movie, for the first time I have become a fan of Kangana Ranaut. I take a bow to Kanagana, the scriptwriter and the Director . Each  and every sequence of the movie is flawlessly woven . Each and every character has been well crafted and all of them have acted so well. N there is a ultra cute Russian guy Olexender who took my heart away. Check him our girls, he looks super cute.

Anyway the movie is about a simple homely girl Rani whose world revolve around her family, friends and her fiancée. She is about to get married and is real excited about her simple but caged life ahead and mostly about her honeymoon in Paris. However the things go awry and her dreams are shattered when her fiancée refuses to marry her. Heartbroken, she decides to go on her honeymoon alone. The girl who has never stepped out of her house alone, steps into the foreign country with fearful eyes but brave heart. There she makes  weird but honest friends with half Spanish /half French- Indi girl  , gets drunk and dance to her heart's content, share a room with  Russian, Japanese and French guys  and shares her first kiss with an Italian guy. Her journey in Paris-Amsterdam helps her in discovering herself, boost her self confidence and restores the twinkling in her eyes. There is absolutely no melodrama , no over the top exaggeration in the movie . Kanagana Ranaut who surely deserves all the awards of 2014 for this movie has played the character perfect to the part. Her acting is very controlled  and makes the audience connect to the right emotions. All the other characters are also very good. Rajkumar Rao as usual deepens your belief about comparing his league with that of Irfaan Khan. It's a feel good movie and I couldn't get the song "London Thumak Jaa" out of my mind for days.

Btw have you Mumbaikars tried this restaurant-Sanchos (Mexican cuisine ). I adore this restaurant . It's a great place to satiate my Mexican food cravings. Sanchos with its warm brown plaster walls and wood tables with floral tiles atop is an ideal place for leisurely lunch/dinner. The Playlist consist of exotic Mexican music and the atmosphere remains quite chatty and carefree. They have an extension range of drinks and food items. Although in drinks, I have never gone far a ice tea, in food I have tried their Fajitas, Enchiladas, Green curry and Burritos ( Alll in veg though ).The food is outstanding. One of the restaurant which has never disappointed me with their servings. Their Green  mole curry and Enchiladas are a must try . The service is quite good too. However they don't accept prior reservations and there is a huge queue outside the restaurant on Fridays, Sat's and Sundays . So either land early like about 8:30ish or be prepared to wait for 30-45 mins. About the price , the restaurant is on a tad expensive side. Meal for two with drinks , food and without desserts costs around Rs. 1700-1800 (including taxes ). However is you are craving Mexican, Sancho's is a must try.

P.S: I always goto the one in Khar West.          

Sanchos in Khar W

So did u all watched Queen? Have you tried Sanchos yet?

Would love to hear your experiences about both. Till then,

Bye bye.


  1. I have seen Movie "Queen" It is a wonderful movie!! Kangana did really good acting in the movie :)

  2. I loved Queen sooo much! I might go watch it again after my board exams are done with.
    I agree, Oleksander was really good-looking. Part of me was wondering if he'd end up with Rani by the end of the film... but the actual ending was much better. :)
    Here's my review:

  3. Even I had this feeling that Olexender and Rani may have their own moment but in the end it was good they keep it that way.
    Btw all the best for your board exams Swati.

  4. I have seen the movie & fell in ove with Kangana too...
    Glad to know ure from Mumbai! I have tried this restaurant..Absolutely loved the Mexican food here :) I did not try the khar one but i have tried the colaba one...

  5. Wow great... Maybe next tym I will try the Kolaba one :)